Save time hunting cosmogenic nuclides

Find your target radionuclides faster

When processing samples for geochronology using cosmogenic radionuclides such as ¹⁰Be, ²⁶Al, or ¹⁴C, it can be difficult and time-intensive to identify the best sample regions to target for mass spectrometry. Adding the iQID to your geochronology workflow can dramatically improve the efficiency of your operations.

The iQID provides a real-time image of the radionuclide distribution in your sample by imaging alpha and beta decays, allowing you to quickly identify the ideal target regions of your sample for mass spectrometry.

Cosmogenic nuclides you can view with the iQID

Isotope Major decay product
³H β-
¹⁰Be β-
¹⁴C β-
²⁶Al β+
³⁶Cl β-
³²Si β-
³⁹Ar β-
²²Na β+
³⁵S β-
³³P β-
³²P β-
²⁸Mg β-
²⁴Na β-
³⁸S β-
³¹Si β-
¹⁸F β+
³⁹Cl β-
³⁸Cl β-
³⁴ᵐCl β+

View the iQID line or contact us for assistance in selecting the right iQID for your application.