Our technology provides unprecedented insights into particle imaging. Alpha particles, electrons, and positrons - see emitted particles clearly.

See any emitted particle

Our patented technology allows you to see emitted alpha (α) particles, electrons (β-), or positrons (β+), including all at the same time. There is an IQID for your particular Application.

Unprecedented Resolution

Single-particle imaging allows a new level of resolution relative to integrating detectors.

List-mode acquisition

Integrating detectors lose information by virtue of their integration. The iQID uses list-mode acquisition to avoid this loss of data. Every event is captured at the limit of physical and mathematical precision.

High-efficiency detection

Maximize the particles you capture with the iQID’s high-efficiency design. Greater than 95% of alpha particles are detected.

Real-time imaging

With ultra-fast frame rates and real-time GPU processing, the iQID shows you the evolution of your target emitter, frame-by-frame and in real time.


The iQID’s patented technology allows it to weigh in at a fraction of other particle imagers. With no model weighing more than 18 kg (40 lbs), your iQID can be setup on a table or benchtop easily.

Affordable + We love custom

The iQID’s modular design offers our customers an affordable range of options to choose from. Not only that, but for us it makes custom constructions a breeze! If you don’t find what you need from our range of offerings, we’ll gladly find something that will work for you without the custom price or lead time.

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