VIP Protection

Screen for radioactive poisons

Radioactive alpha-emitters are apex exotic poisons

In 2006, former Russian FSB and KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko was hospitalized with a sudden and mysterious illness. Litvinenko had been poisoned with polonium-210, a radioactive alpha paticle emitter. He succumbed to the poison before the cause could be identified.

A radioactive alpha emitter such as polonium-210 can do tremendous damage to the internal tissues if it gains entrance to the body. An uncommon poison, it is challenging to diagnose in time to make an attempt at a remedy. Therefore, it will always be ideal to screen for alpha-particle-emitting poisons.

The iQID images alpha particle emissions easily

The iQID weighs less than 14 kg (30 lbs) and can be easily placed on a small benchtop or table. It can be used to screen foods for radioactive alpha-emitting poisons. It is easly unpacked, setup, wiped down, and re-packed.

Screen for these alpha-emitting radionuclides


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