29 March 2024: QScint Installs iQID Mega

29 March 2024: QScint announces installation of flagship iQID Mega particle imager at Thomas Jefferson University

Philadelphia, PA and Tucson, AZ - March 29, 2024 - QScint Imaging Solutions LLC (QScint), a world-leader in the production of real-time, quantitative alpha- and beta-particle imagers for radiopharmaceutical therapy research and digital autoradiography in both academia and industry announced today the installation of its iQID NSight Mega particle imager at Thomas Jefferson University. The installation expands QScint’s world-wide install base to yet another academic institution, highlighting the role of QScint’s technology in supporting fundamental research.

“We’re excited for this latest iQID installation at Thomas Jefferson University” said Dr. Brian Miller, President of QScint. “We see every installation at a research center as fundamental to our goal of advancing targeted alpha therapy and radiopharmaceutical therapy by getting our imagers into the hands of talented researchers. We look forward to seeing the results of TJU’s investigations into the bio-distribution of alpha emitters and other fundamental research questions to better understand the dose distribution of candidate radiotherapy molecules.”