28 May 2024: QScint Installs Prototype iQID Scope

Bern, Switzerland and Tucson, AZ - 28 May 2024 - QScint Imaging Solutions LLC (QScint), a world-leader in the production of real-time, quantitative alpha- and positron-particle imagers for radiopharmaceutical therapy research and digital autoradiography in both academia and industry today announced the installation of its prototype iQID Scope window-chamber particle imager at Universitätsspital Bern. The iQID Scope is aimed to meet the emerging need for real-time, intravital microscopy of radiopharmaceuticals.

QScint President Dr. Brian Miller noted: “We’re thrilled to develop and deliver this cutting-edge tool to Dr. Shi and his team of researchers for live-imaging of alpha-emitters in living tissue at microscale levels and in the context of the ongoing biological processes. We believe window-chamber imaging in combination with our patented real-time imaging technology will fundamentally change the understanding of intravital tumor growth and response to targeted alpha therapy. We’re pleased to see Dr. Shi and Universit√§tsspital Bern get this tool. This will be the first-ever demonstration of live tumor-imaging of alpha emitters at a near-cellular level.”