Particle imager configurable to your application

The iQID NSight Medium

The iQID NSight Medium offers a 40 mm diameter field of view and a high-speed frame rate. Our users find this suitable for digital autoradiography and other uses in their radiopharmaceutical development pipeline.

iQID imager


Specification Value
Imaging Area 40 mm diameter
Quanta Imaged Alphas, low- and high-energy betas, gamma rays
Frame Rate High-speed (75 frames per second)
Resolution 20 µm nominal pixel size with sub-pixel, list-mode particle localization for superior formed-image resolution
Sensitivity Millibecquerel per microliter
Efficiency To 100%, see here
Software & Computer iQID Acquisition Software pre-installed on included laptop with high-power GPU for real-time image processing. Binning for higher SNR in less acquisition time.
Experience Plug-and-play operation. Disposable scintillator allows for easy, low-contamination workflow.
Dimensions 21 x 21 x 50 cm (W x D x H)
Weight 14 kg (31 lb)

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